Welcome to Wildacker in Namibia

We welcome you to our farm in Africa. “Wildacker” is located in a vast, private wilderness and nature reserve in the northeast of Namibia.
As a guest farm “Wildacker” offers comfortable domicile in a typical Namibian atmosphere among ancient tree-covered dunes.
Experience wild nature and landscapes on our guided farm tours, walks or photo excursions. For the hunter “Wildacker” promises exciting hunts and trophies for display. For further detailed information, please click on the above link.

“Wildacker” is ideal as a base or as a sojourn on tours of Caprivi’s tropical animal paradise; on tours as far as Victoria Falls or to the wild and undeveloped Khaudom (which more elephants than tourists frequent) or finally on excursions to the Etosha National Park, the most visited travel destination in Namibia.

You can reach us by serviceable road or fly in on “Wildacker’s” own runway. Naturally we will organise your arrival and departure as required.

Explore these pages, but don’t hesitate to make further, tentative enquiries.
Your hosts Christine and Helgaard van der Vyver and the Wildacker-Team look forward to your visit and a pleasant stay at “Wildacker”.



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