On the Farm

Discover nature at “Wildacker” by car, on foot or seated at the waterhole. We will also accommodate any particular wishes with pleasure.

Farm Drives

The old Toyota Landcruiser will take you for farm drive in the bush. You can see many antelope species here. Regular stops are scheduled during the tour in order to bring you closer to the distinguishing features of local nature. Generally the farm drives take place either in the mornings or in the afternoons because the animals are most active then and the light and low-lying sun are more suited to photography.


You can also discover nature and the landscape on foot by walking directly from the farmhouse or by being driven to a favourite starting point on the farm. The guide you are travelling with can then point out smaller features at the wayside.

Photographic Excursions

A photographic excursion is not only recommended for the ambitious photographer. We go in search of antelope by car which you will definitely want to photograph in a large format. Then we go hunting on foot. With both luck and expertise you will come across the animals within a few metres.

The Hide at the Waterhole

The most comfortable spot to see lots of animals and possibly carnivores is at our waterholes. You can observe the natural behaviour of the animals and let the African scenery wash over you whilst being hidden in our hide.